Mission & Purpose


The Center for Justice & Freedom Mission:

Assisting victims of terrorism, oppression, and injustice to obtain recompense through the legal system, to bring public and governmental attention to their stories and situations, and to reduce polarization and discord in the public sphere to reduce future instances of terrorism, oppression, and injustice. 


The Center for Justice & Freedom Purpose:

Bringing people together by helping them find things they don’t yet know they already agree on.


The Center for Justice & Freedom Pillars:

We use these values in unique ways to advance our mission and purpose

  1. Knowledge: This is fundamental to finding common ground. The more informed people are about different perspectives and the complexities of issues, the more likely they are to find points of agreement. Curating and disseminating balanced and factual information can help people make better decisions and realize what they have in common.

  2. Wisdom: This comes from the application of knowledge and experience. Using wisdom, you can guide discussions and debates in a way that highlights shared beliefs and values, encouraging empathy and understanding among different parties.

  3. Justice: By promoting fairness and equality in all interactions, you create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued. This encourages a mutual respect and understanding that can reveal common ground.

  4. Integrity: Ensuring honesty and transparency in your methods of finding and presenting points of agreement will help people trust the process and be more open to discovering what they share with others.

  5. Judgement: This is about discerning what’s most important in a complex situation. Good judgement can help prioritize issues that people are most likely to agree upon, or identify strategies to highlight areas of agreement that might otherwise be obscured by disagreement on less important points.

  6. Courage: It often takes bravery to admit agreement with others, particularly in divisive issues. Encourage individuals to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means aligning with unexpected allies.

  7. Compassion: Empathy and understanding towards others’ perspectives can facilitate finding common ground. We foster environments where people feel safe expressing their views and empathizing with others’ viewpoints.

  8. Perseverance: Finding common ground can be challenging, but persistence is key. We stay committed to our mission even in the face of disagreement and conflict, and inspire others to do the same.

  9. Respect: By promoting a respectful dialogue where all voices are heard and valued, even when there’s disagreement, will create an atmosphere conducive to finding things people agree on.

  10. Common Sense: People often have more in common than they think. Using common sense to filter out extreme positions or illogical arguments can help reveal these commonalities.

We believe people are more likely to engage productively when they feel respected and heard, and when they trust that the process is fair and transparent. We apply these values to facilitate those conditions and help us achieve our mission.

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