Dr. Michael Engelberg

Dr. Michael Engelberg, the founder of The Center for Justice and Freedom (CJF), has dedicated over two decades to championing the rights of victims of terrorism and oppression and defending civil and human liberties. His innovative legal strategies against state-sponsored terrorism have resulted in significant monetary awards for victims, totaling upwards of $200 million, and have played a pivotal role in deterring financial support to terrorist activities globally.

CJF’s mission, fiercely upheld by Dr. Engelberg, is not predicated on financial gain but rather on an unwavering commitment to justice and deterring future acts of terrorism and oppression.

Before embarking on this legal crusade, Dr. Engelberg practiced as a pediatrician with a passion for addressing Attention Deficit Disorder, educating healthcare professionals and communities. His pivot to legal advocacy began with a mission to enable U.S. citizens to secure justice from nations supporting terrorism, an endeavor that led to the pioneering case of HIGGINS V. ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. The case not only set a precedent with a $57 million award for the victims’ family but also marked the commencement of Dr. Engelberg’s profound journey in law.

CJF has consistently taken on challenging cases, often providing a voice for those marginalized by the legal system. The organization’s principled stance was made clear when it sued the U.S. government for negligence in the aftermath of the Fort Hood Massacre, demonstrating CJF’s commitment to seeking accountability and justice regardless of the adversary.

CJF has been expanding its activities to prevent the division and conflict that often incites terrorism. Amidst a divided society, CJF, under Dr. Engelberg’s leadership, strives to mend the fabric of democracy by promoting open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving across ideological divides. CJF seeks to exemplify that common values often underpin diverse political beliefs, advocating for unity and effective cooperation as the bedrock for a robust democracy. This approach reinforces CJF’s guiding principle: justice for victims, and the best justice is to prevent the innocent from being victims in the first place.

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